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Content Management System

With the development of our own Content Management System, we have set ourselves the goal of creating a versatile platform that can be easily adapted to the requirements of our customers. Our CMS is the perfect system for start-ups, as well as for companies which want to refresh their system.

How is the CMS structured?

The Content Management System follows the fundamental principles of modular software architecture and allows many enhancement options. Our system has many features that help you create your own website. It is designed to provide a lightweight, fast and flexible core CMS based on Angular framework. Based on our CMS further development of your own modules becomes simple.

Why use our CMS?

How to describe the CMS? In three simple words - fast, simple and flexible. It is a modern content management platform that allows to administer your website content easier. Our system will be used by both beginners, whom we will help with the setup and administration, as well as advanced users, who know exactly what they want. An important characteristic of our system is its modular design and expandability. Our CMS is a lightweight system that does not unnecessarily burden the website. In the hands of a software developer, the CMS can turn into a powerful and versatile tool. We would like to support you and offer our help. We will be happy to develop additional features and enhancements for you. Our CMS is a fast, reliable and secure system. We take the issue of data security very seriously, that’s why we implemented a secure and proven authentication solution.

The essential functions of our CMS

With our CMS, we give you a solid tool to manage your website content. The operation of the system is very simple. Using a hierarchical menu, you can access the system features and self-added pages. Thanks to the simple system structure, it can be used intuitively without complex training. In addition, administrators can assign system privileges to pages and user groups. We don’t like limits, so we have built a flexible system which allows you to create and manage your own website in a flexible manner. Each page can be divided into areas that can contain multiple modules. The most important modules are:

HTML Modul
the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor allows you to add and change the content and link to various document type and images
Search Module
the search function allows you to find information on the website much more easily
Gallery Module
allows you quickly create image galleries by simply placing the images you want into a specified folder
File Manager
allows you to upload, browse and search for files stored on the server
Download and List Module
allows you to create download and link lists
Google maps
allows you to display geographic location on the map
Video Player
allows you to play videos stored on your own website

Used technologies and tools

Our system supports current HTML5 standards. The CMS is build using the following programming languages, tools and techniques: Angular 2+; HTML5; typescript; Node.js; Gulp.js; Bootstrap; SASS; C#; REST API; Entity Framework; VS.NET.

Are you interested?

Tell us about your project and requirements and we’ll organize a personalized walk-through of our CMS for you.

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